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  • Indoor Workout Ideas

    If you want to get fit, a gym membership isn't necessary. You can work out effectively right in the comfort of your own home! Working out at home has many benefits. It's affordable, it's private, and it's convenient! When you do so, it is best to keep a strict schedule for you to do so, and to make your home workout a non-negotiable part of your schedule.

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  • How to Lose Weight the Right Way

    The weight loss industry is probably one of the biggest moneymakers in the world. There are millions of people trying to lose weight and will go through extremes to do so. With the hundreds of different programs in the market, how do you know which one to do? There are diets where you only drink shakes, some where you eliminate all carbs and even one where all your food is replaced by cookies!

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  • How to Stop Junk Food Cravings

    Eating what you want when you want is like a dream come true, but a diet such as this can also cause a lot of repercussions to your body. You may not feel it immediately, but as time goes by, you will realize that all the junk and unhealthy food you consume really does take its toll on your health. Eating a lot of bad food usually makes you feel tired and sluggish all the time, you may even get sick more often if your body isn't receiving enough nutrients.

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  • The French Paradox and Fitness

    It's rare that the words "French cuisine" and "healthy" are found in the same sentence, but why is it that even as the French seem to eat nothing but butter, bread, and macarons, the percentage of obesity and heart disease is significantly low, specially when compared to the statistics of the United States?

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  • How the French Stay Fit

    The book "French Women Don't Get Fat" became popular for a reason. Every time we see a Parisian girl on television or in movies, and aside from being fashionable, she always seems to be healthy and fit. Guess what, the French dislike going to the gym, just like you do, but the difference is that they don't use this as an excuse to not exercise at all.

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  • French Paradox No More? France's Growing Obesity Rate

    Think about French food, and you'll immediately think of cheese, sauces, wine...everything that would make your cardiologist frown. And yet, French people are perceived to be able to stay slim in spite of their penchant for these foods that are high in saturated fat or sugar, what is known as "the French paradox".

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  • How to Look Slimmer

    Women of all shapes and sizes have one common denominator... they all wonder how to look slimmer, all the time. Yes, even your vegan-yogi neighbor is probably trying to figure out how to look slimmer. Your 60 year old mother and her friends are all trying to look slimmer.

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  • Junk Food Junkie

    Junk food has been part of our diets since the time we could say candy. Unless you were home-schooled and your parents were constantly breathing down your neck about what you did, chances are, you developed a real taste for sugary drinks and salty snacks by the time you hit elementary.

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  • Emotional Eating

    Emotional eating can become a serious problem for some and when it comes to weight loss, there's no bigger obstacle we face than ourselves.

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Dr. Jean-Michel Cohen
is the founder of The Parisian Diet, which is about the pleasure of eating and being able to eat all types of food.

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