Does Organic Really Mean Better?

Written by Erica Paredes

Organic. A word you probably are seeing more and more on everything from food to beauty products and even clothes. What does it mean when something is organic anyway, you may ask? It means that produce is grown with little or no preservatives and artificial ingredients. It also ensures that natural soil regeneration and fertility takes place without the use of toxic fertilizers. You may notice that organic products cost a little higher than most and this is because they are farmed in smaller batches as their regulations are stricter than usual, plus, more time and effort put into growing the produce.

So, is it really better for you or are you just paying higher for something that's just a fad? Research says that organic food is definitely healthier for you due to the absence of pesticides and fertilizers. Although experts say that low levels of pesticide in the food we eat is safe for regular adults, it may cause defects in fetuses and is harmful to pregnant women. Organic may not be a requirement to eat healthy, but it is worth the splurge when it comes to certain products such as strawberries, apples, spinach, celery, bell peppers, lettuce and potatoes. The reason for this is because these are all delicate produce, which makes them harder to farm and more prone to weeds and bug attacks.

What about for other things such as beauty products? Does the seal "certified organic" mean you are getting a better product? For people with skin allergies or sensitive skin, organic may be the way to go. Less chemicals, such as parabens, which are widely used in cosmetic products as preservatives, are found in organic shampoos, body soaps and moisturizers. This is also beneficial to even those with normal skin as the less junk you put on your face and body, the better. Be wary though, of products claiming to be 100% organic, as there are strict rules that they must adhere to in order to make that claim.


Dr. Jean-Michel Cohen
is the founder of The Parisian Diet, which is about the pleasure of eating and being able to eat all types of food.

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