Breakfast in Paris

Written by Erica Paredes

The most important meal of the day for anybody is breakfast and if you absolutely had to skip a meal it should definitely not be the first one of the day. Breakfast provides us with the energy we need to make it to lunchtime, so we don't starve and end up binging later on. A trip to Paris is not complete without having breakfast at a sidewalk cafe or buying bread at a nearby bakery and eating it at a park. If you are confused as to what to eat while in France, remember that breads and pastries are a good choice, as savory sausages and bacon are not a common sight so early in the morning.

Here are a few suggestions of what you can order for breakfast to feel like a true Parisian. Remember to order an espresso or freshly squeezed orange juice to wash it all down:

Croissants - Named because of their crescent shape, this is probably the bread people most people associate with Paris, and also the most popular breakfast food in France. Order a couple and spread butter and jam while it's piping hot. Enjoy its flaky goodness and then ask for one more.

Pain au Chocolat - If you want something a little sweeter, or are simply a chocoholic, pain au chocolate or a chocolate croissant might be more to your liking. Imagine the same flaky bread but stuffed with delicious chocolate!

Brioche - Brioche is a bread with a very high butter content, making it very delicate and crumby variety. It's great for breakfast with jam and butter or even alone accompanied by fresh orange juice or an espresso.

Baguette - What could be more french than a baguette? Order one to go from the bakery and enjoy it with jam and a coffee on a park bench before exploring the rest of the city.


Dr. Jean-Michel Cohen
is the founder of The Parisian Diet, which is about the pleasure of eating and being able to eat all types of food.

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