Healthy Kitchen Tricks

Written by Erica Paredes

Cook up a storm without all the calories.

Being a foodie and trying to lose weight or live a healthy lifestyle seems like the biggest contradiction, but in reality, there are many ways you can marry the two without compromising taste and a happy tummy or health. One just needs to be creative and diligent when it comes to buying groceries and food preparation but healthy food can be as delicious as regular food. Before you know it, your "healthy" dishes will become your go to food!

Read food labels - The nutrition information on the food items you buy will tell you a lot about what you are eating. Don't just count calories; remember to look at the amount of sodium, sugar and fat are in the product as well. It's about getting the good calories in! Sometimes, a product with more calories but better ingredients is healthier than a low cal food with preservatives and additives.

Use small amounts of "regular" products - Rather than spending on low-fat versions, that has loads of sugar added to it, use smaller amounts of regular products that taste better.

Keep healthy snacks on hand - It's hard to be a woman and not want to snack but instead of buying potato chips and chocolate, make your own ice pops with fresh fruits to satisfy your sweet tooth or buy bags of plain microwaveable popcorn and experiment with flavors using spices and herbs.

Flavor your water - Bored with your usual plain water? Add your favorite fruit or herb to give it a different and more interesting flavor. Great combinations are citrus and mint and cucumber basil.


Dr. Jean-Michel Cohen
is the founder of The Parisian Diet, which is about the pleasure of eating and being able to eat all types of food.

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